Who is Eddie?  Edward “Eddie” Williams

With over 30 years of a solid Business Executive & Leadership career, he remain steadfast in his belief that collaboration is the key to business success. He is committed to building positive relationships with my clients and other agents.  It is through these bonds that deals are closed, and relationships are strengthened.

A High-energy Realtor and Business Broker, Eddie is effective at developing and implementing operational processes and systems to make the of buying or selling as easy as possible for our clients.

Businessbrokerfla continues to grow every day thanks United Realty Group and the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many category’s such as Business Brokerage, Commercial and Residential Real Estate and more…      ~Eddie

Finding the Right Business for You

The most successful people are those who realize that they don’t know it all :

  • A complete review and evaluation of the knowledge you already own.
  • Identifying potential businesses that can benefit from your strengths and not suffer from your weaknesses.
  • Discussion of your areas of familiarity.
  • Identifying the industry you know best .
  • Exploiting a niche within your job or industry.
  • Targeting businesses that you’ve always liked.
  • Establishing expectations that are realistic and achievable.
  • The sacrifices you must be willing to make.
  • Clearly identifying what “drives” you (Money, the need to build something, control of your own destiny, independence?)
  • Understanding, dealing and overcoming restrictions you may have.
  • Identifying the job functions that you like to do (we tend to be better at the things we enjoy)
  • Recognizing specific tasks that you don’t enjoy.
  • Discussion of your individual strengths
  • Honestly identifying weaknesses, how to deal with them and understanding their role.
  • Income expectations
  • Turning a hobby into a business (NOT A GOOD IDEA)
  • Your fears or comfort level in a sales role
  • We will discuss how anyone regardless of experience, can perform in a sales role. All great salespeople possess seven distinct characteristics which can be easily learned by anyone-we’ll show you how.
Edward Williams Business Broker Fla

How we work

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BusinessBrokerFla really helped us achieve our financial goals. The slick presentation along with fantastic readability ensures that our financial standing is stable.

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